EPIC Machine Vision designs customized vision systems to meet the needs of individual clients. We offer our clients integrated custom systems for test stations and fully automated solutions. Projects start with comprehensive in-house testing and evaluations of part samples. Engineers test various lenses, cameras, lights, and software packages.  Our engineers simulate the part inspection and production challenges before we design the final machine vision solution.

Some companies just sell a camera. We sell the system.

Ours is a complete inspection solution. Most often, no two systems are identical because each vision system EPIC makes must be tailored to specific customer needs. Our complete, customized vision systems are designed for your specific environment whether it’s a food grade plant, foundry, medical device laboratory setting, or virtually any other production environment. Machine Vision systems are used to measure, inspect, verify, and enhance quality and efficiency for a variety of applications.

Need more than one? EPIC engineers also produce comprehensive design and documentation for each machine vision project. Our vision engineers are experts in manufacturing.  EPIC excels at designing systems with the intent of creating a standard package to roll-out across your manufacturing plant(s). Whether you need 2 units or 200, you will want them to all perform equally and be simple to maintain. EPIC engineers have the expertise to design roll-out packages for repeat installations. Many of our vision systems have been designed for national and global roll-outs.

Find out more about the EPIC difference or contact us to discuss your application with a member of our engineering team.

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