Custom Packaging Inspection

Do you need a system with a limited false reject rate to meet exacting standards? We will work with you to perfect your product, eliminate recall risk and improve overall quality for distributor compliance and end user satisfaction.


          • Bottle, Can and Case Inspection: Inspects for dents, defects, damage, holes and creases for plastics, metals or glass
          • Label Inspection: Inspects for wrinkles, position, skew, date codes (OCR), damage, symbols, scratches, logo verification and allergen text legibility
          • Cap and Seal Inspection: Examines molded features, missing caps, correct seals, crooked caps, high caps or the correct color caps
          • Color Inspection: Color camera applications and  color verification
          • Molded Features: Inspects packaging for delamination, embedded contaminates, color change, blistering
          • 360° Inspection: Inspect packaging of random orientation

Contact an engineer for more details about your specific system requirements.

Selected Custom Packaging Case Studies

Fully Integrated Canister Surface Dent Inspection

Dent inspection on pressurized canisters was needed on an existing production line by the food & beverage client. Dents could prevent product from dispensing or cause cans to explode under pressure. EPIC designed, built, and integrated a 360° high speed inspection that identified dents by eliminating can graphics with proper lighting and rejected defective cans downstream. Read complete case study

Key Features: Machine vision system with 360 degree view, custom form-factor lighting, collimated lighting, color verification through machine vision inspection

Asymmetrical Crushed Bottle System

asymetrical bottle inspectionAutomated detection of crushed clear, frosted or opaque bottles was custom designed and integrated into an existing plant.The asymmetry of crushed bottles and varied opacity of the bottles required a creative solution. A custom designed system from EPIC streamlined the rejection process of unacceptably damaged bottles. More..

Key Features: Laser sensors, high contrast lighting, backlight with control film, Insight Explorer 4.7.0, Cognex In-Sight 5600 Camera with Patmax®, use of high contrast lighting,  defect detection

Why EPIC Machine Vision?

bottle inspection systemEPIC inspects difficult packaging problems. We specialize in ensuring your products will exceed customer expectations. We understand distributors will not tolerate excessive packaging errors like leaking products or improperly labeled packages.

When issues arise with product damage, consumer complaints, FDA regulations, QA standards, exacting government or environmental regulations, you can turn to our team of machine vision engineers to get the job done right. Contact an engineer today to get a quote for your system.